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DuckTales is coming Back

Everything old is new again, including DuckTales! Disney is bringing back the beloved cartoon starring Scrooge McDuck and his grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, and Donald Duck with a new series as part of Disney XD.

DuckTales is a 2017 American animated television series by Disney Television Animation. The series, which serves as a reboot of the original series of the same name, was announced on February 25, 2015, and is scheduled to premiere on Disney XD on August 12, 2017. The first season will consist of 21 half-hour episodes and two hour-long specials. On March 2, 2017, prior to the series premiere, the show was renewed for a second season. The series will debut on August 12, 2017, with a one-hour special, titled Woo-oo!, followed by two new episodes on September 23, 2017.

Watch DuckTales Theme Song Video:

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In fact, it’s pretty much a perfect update on the original DuckTales theme, which as far as I’m concerned, bodes extremely well for the reboot overall.While the foundations of the song, such as the lyrics and the overall iconic melody, are still intact, there are a couple differences between the new DuckTales theme and the original that are worth talking about. Essentially, they made it modern but kept the classic charm.

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